Once a month BFTO organise a field shoot for all kinds of pistols and CO2 rifles.

This is similar to the HFT shoots for PCP and Spring rifles but exclusively for Pistols & CO2 guns and is a standing competition.

We are delighted to say that the recent (24th September) CO2 & Pistol shoot in the BFTO woods was a great success.

Thanks to everyone who helped build and clear the course - we very much look forward to seeing everyone next month !!

With 18 shooters taking part everyone had a great time.

Many of the shooters did not own pistols or Co2 Riles but between the generosity of those who did and a few club guns everyone had a chance to try this shoot in the woods

  This is fun shooting within club safety rules

Any legal pistol or Co2 rifle can be used.

Guns can be made available on request if you do not have your own


The next shoot is on 15/10/17 and starts at

10.00am with a safety brief


Why not come along and have some fun!!!

For further information or advice please speak to:

Mark Alexander
Stuart Woods

Email us at: Pistol_and_C02@bfto.org.uk