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Please note that whilst the wearing of your club I.D. is expected when on club property, it is however NOT compulsory to wear it when shooting as it can be a hazard when tangled with your rifle and therefore dangerous. So please, when not wearing your I.D., keep it in a pocket or close to hand should you be asked for it. 








BFTO AGM - 24th January 2018

Following this years AGM a new committe has been elected - we will shortly be updating the Club Officers page.


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BFTO Competitions winners for each competition held in 2017:


Division AA
1st = Glen Breadmore 2nd = Paul Hargreaves 3rd = Brian Attfield

Division A
1st = Ed Tandi 2nd = Angus Williams 3rd = Mariouz Morzuch

Division B
1st = Paul Hyatt 2nd = Alex Richens 3rd = Jon Dally

Division C
1st = Len Smith 2nd = Jeff Morton 3rd = Simon Richens

Division Recoiling
1st = John Darbyshire 2nd =Jason Danvers 3rd = Toby James

Pistol HFT
1st = Stuart Woods 2nd = Dai Butler 3rd = Jade Alexander

CO2 Rifle
1st = Dai Butler 2nd = Stuart Woods 3rd = Mark Alexander

1st = Justin Wood 2nd = Paul Hargreaves 3rd = Alex Richens

25yrd BRC
1st = Stuart Woods 2nd = Geoff Kerss 3rd Emma Weston

50yrd BRC
1st = Jeff Weston 2nd = Dave Newman 3rd = Stuart Woods

25yrd Springer BRC
1st = Geoff Kerss 2nd = Andy Popham 3rd = Kevin Pitcher

10yrd Standing
1st = Justin Wood 2nd = Alex Richens 3rd = Cliff Church

10m Pistol
1st = Rob Thompson 2nd = Mark Alexander 3rd = Stuart Woods

6yrd Pistol
1st = Rob Thompson 2nd = Richard Russell 3rd = Stuart Woods

8@8 Pistol
1st = Ed Tandi 2nd = Rob Thompson 3rd = Mel Saunders

Vintage Bell
1st = Geoff Kerrs 2nd = Jeff Morton 3rd = Allan Bouttell


October 2017

Vintage Halloween shoot 25th October

A great time had by all - A big thank you to Andy and everyone who bought nibbles and helped set up.


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April 2017


Bisley Teams in Winter League Action

I know that winter is hopefully over and done with for this year, but better late than never (!) recognition is due to the Bisley members who competed over the winter months to represent themselves and Bisley as a club in both FT and HFT disciplines in the CSFTA Winter Leagues.

The FT winter league ran from Early October through to the end of February encompassing 9 rounds visiting clubs in the region to compete in the CSFTA FT Winter league. After the final round in February, the 2 Bisley teams finished 4th and 8th out of 10 teams.

Our very own Justin Wood finished 2nd overall in the individual rankings with Ashley Holloway being the next Bisley shooter finishing in 7th place out of 40 qualifying shooters.

There was a final end of season shoot held at Basingstoke which was won by Cliff Church and never far away from the trophies was Justin Wood in third.

The HFT winter league ran from October to March also, with Bisley entering 2 teams, one in Division 1 and one in Division 2.

As always with HFT, it was muddy but good fun. The teams competed over 7 rounds with the division 1 team finishing 3rd overall behind North Oxon 1 and Wendover 1. The highest placed Bisley Shooters in division 1 were Glen Breadmore and Tim Offen who both finished with a total of 445points. The overall individual winner Dominic Taylor of Wendover finished on 452.

In division 2 the team finished in 6th place with the highest placed Bisley shooter being our rising star, George Danvers.

As always a big thank you to all Bisley shooters who represented their club in the Winter League competitions.

FT winter league score here:  http://www.csfta.co.uk/index.php/results/90-2016-17-ft-winter-league-results

HFT Winter league scores here:  http://noftc.club/Results/2016-17-CSFTA-HFT-Winter-League

Below are pictures of the HFT division 1 team and the team captain, Paul Hargreaves, receiving the Division 1 third place team trophy.

item photo



BFTO AGM - 25th January 2017

The London and Middlesex Rifle Club was host to the 2017 BFTO AGM. 

During the evening we said a fond farewell to Roy Pullinger who after six years has stepped down as Chairman. Roy stated that it was time for him to concentrate on actually shooting at the club rather than running it.

The new Committee can now bee seen on the Officers page - we will be updating this shortly to include pictures of everyone.

Below are a few images from the AGM including awards.


January 2017

BFTO Website

Welcome to the new BFTO website - if you would like to contribute with articles on any of the disciplines shot at the club or contribute pictures or any other content that you feel be of benefit  to other members please email webmaster@bfto.org.uk