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Bisley Field Target Organisation was established at the Bisley shooting ground in 1991.  As a dedicated Air Gun club it offers a safe and comfortable place for all abilities. With a membership of over 350 people, we have a great community of shooters and together with decades of shooting experience we encourage the next generation.

Visiting BFTO

At the BFTO, we always welcome people who show an interest in Airgun shooting. If you would like a tour and find out how to join please email our Membership Secretary and arrange an appointment to visit us.

We regret that we are unable to give tours unless you have arranged an appointment.

Club Facilities

The facilities at the club are excellent, and arguably, as a dedicated Air Gun club probably the best in surrey.

We have two floodlit rifle ranges with covered firing points, a floodlit pistol and vintage rifle range also with covered firing points, plus sixteen acres of woodland available for competition courses. Full members can shoot on the covered ranges almost every day of the year with the exception of one evening in January when we close for our AGM and when work parties are scheduled. The centrally heated clubhouse is available to full members at all times and has free tea and coffee, a fridge and microwave. We have access to proper, flush toilets, in a block just 50yds or so from the clubhouse.

The club itself is situated within the grounds of The National Shooting Centre, Bisley, meaning all of its clubs and facilities are within easy reach.

Shooting at BFTO

BFTO caters for a very wide range of shooters, from people who simply like to plink on the main and pistol ranges through to highly competitive FT and HFT shooters.

The great thing about BFTO is that there is never any pressure on people to compete, and whilst we encourage everyone to get involved in the competitions the emphasis at the club is to have fun.

This can be made as simple or as demanding as required by the individual shooter so as to cater for the "plinking for pleasure" as well as the more competitive shooters in the Club. We have some club guns for visitors to use so you do not need your own gun to come and have a look at what we do, in fact, our advice to a complete novice would normally be to come and have a go with the club guns first, have a look at all the other setups that people have, (ask nicely and most will let you have a go) maybe come to one or two of the Club League competitions, and decide what you want to do before spending any hard cash. Ask advice of other members, most have been doing this a while, all will quite happily chat about anything airgun. Actually, it's hard to stop some of them!

To encourage the competitive aspect of the sport the Club holds monthly FT, HFT and HFT Pistol Club League shoots, and as this is an all year round sport the keenest of our members form teams to shoot a Winter League which provides demanding competition with other Field Target organisations in the region. As with other forms of shooting, members are also able to participate in national and international events.

Many of the competitive shooters will also enter the Southern Hunters league shoots.

Disciplines at BFTO

Members enjoy a wide range of shooting activities at the club these include plinking on the main ranges, monthly FTHFT and Pistol HFT competitions. A range of pistol (paper target) and Vintage competitions.

Visit the disciplines pages from the main menu above.

Safety at BFTO

The safety or our members and any member of the public visiting the club are paramount. All members are required to undergo safety training and must complete a period of probation during which they will be observed to confirm that they understand and practice our safety procedures. Junior members (and junior visitors) must be supervised at all times by a full adult member. 

Guns which shoot metal BB's are permitted on the pistol range providing copper coated ammunition is used.

FAC rated Air Guns are not permitted on any of the BFTO ranges or woods at any time.

All members and visitors must adhere to the following eight point safety code:

1. SIGN THE RANGE ATTENDANCE BOOK (visitors must sign the visitor's book). You MUST do this before you shoot, so it makes sense to do this as soon as you get to the range. If you fail to do to this, you are not covered by the club insurance.

2. Any rifle or pistol taken into the clubhouse MUST be in a gun bag or slip.

3. Only ‘sight’ or load rifles or pistols on the firing point with the muzzle pointed downrange. All rifles and pistols should be handled as if loaded at all times.

4. A SINGLE BLAST OF A WHISTLE (or one ring of the bell on the Pistol or Sponsors ranges) means STOP and DISCHARGE your rifle or pistol SAFELY into the ground. You MUST NOT point or sight your rifle or pistol until given the command to do so. 

ANYONE has the right to blow a whistle and stop the shoot (so long as there is a valid reason) but ONLY THE PERSON WHO STOPPED THE SHOOT HAS THE RIGHT TO RESTART THE SHOOT. RESTARTING is signaled by TWO BLASTS of a whistle (or two rings on the bell on the Pistol and Sponsors ranges).

Whilst a cease-fire is in operation on the range that has been stopped the RED STOP FLAG must be positioned in good view in front of the firing line. This is to indicate that the range is closed to protect people who may be changing targets etc from any shooter who may not have been present when the whistle/bell was sounded. This flag must be removed upon restarting shooting.

5. For multi-shot rifles and pistols, the MAGAZINES MUST BE REMOVED and the rifle or pistol must be discharged safely. It is also a requirement that magazines ONLY be inserted once at the firing point.

6. When loading non-precharged rifles, it is essential that the barrel/under-lever/side-lever be held with one hand while the pellet id loaded with the other hand.

7. DO NOT use pistols on the rifle ranges, or rifles on the pistol range. The ranges have been designed with regard to their intended use. Using the ranges for different purposes than they were designed for can be dangerous and may invalidate the club’s insurance.

8. NO FIREARMS: The committee reserves the right to randomly chronograph any member’s rifle or pistol. 12ft/lbs for rifles and 6ft/lbs for pistols is the MAXIMUM permissible muzzle energy under British law, without a firearms certificate. There is no BFTO range certified for firearms (Including FAC air rifles). It is, therefore, ILLEGAL to exceed the quoted muzzle energies on ANY BFTO range – EVEN IF YOU HAVE A FAC!


Air Gun Law

All members are reminded that they must comply with the current UK Air Gun laws and ensure that all guns are chronographed on a regular basis (a club chronograph is available upon request) to ensure that the power of any gun owned is under the UK legal limit (12 ft lb / 16.25j for a rifle and 6 ft lb  / 8.1j for any pistol).

To fully equip yourself with the current UK law we recommend the following sources of information which are kept current by the Home Office and BASC

BASC Guide Air Gun Safety in England & Wales

Home Office Publications: Air Weapons: A brief guide to safety

Contacting BFTO

In the first instance, please use the contact form or address inquiries to the appropriate committee member (contact details on the contact page and in the Club Officers page).

For comments, submissions or more information regarding the website please email