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What is Field Target?

The key features of Field Target shooting are as follows:

FT competitions take part at the club (Club FT League), within the Central Southern Region (CSFTA FT Winter League), around the UK (FT GP Series & Open Shoots), and even around the world (WFTA World Championships).

FT competitions range from 30 target courses (Club FT) to 50 target courses (GP Series).

FT competitions are graded depending on the shooters experience and ability. New shooters will automatically go into D grade for their first 3 rounds, and then put into the either grade C, B, or A depending on the average score over the 3 rounds.

FT courses use knock-over targets with a hit zone between 25mm and 45mm.

Targets can be positioned between 8 and 55 yards away from the firing point.

Targets are shot from a firing point normally denoted by a “gate”.

Most targets are shot “freestyle”. For FT this means a sitting position.

Courses always feature “discipline” lanes which must be shot in the position specified – either kneeling or standing.

Targets should not be obscured by foliage, branches etc.

2 targets are normally shot per “lane”.

Both targets in a lane must be shot within 2 minutes of the shooters eye first going to his/her telescopic sight.

1 point is scored for a “knock-down”, 0 points for a “dink” or a miss.

The shooter can use the telescopic sight parallax feature to calculate target distance and then use top turret adjustment to allow for the measured distance and pellet drop.

Field Target uses more specialised rifles and scopes so are more expensive than HFT rigs.

Second hand equipment is always a good way to set yourself up – just make sure you ask if you have any queries about equipment or prices.