Q. Is The BFTO open to visitors at all times?

No. Visitors can only attend during the times displayed on the front page of this website.

Q. When is the best time to attend on a first visit?

Visitors will be made welcome during any of the visitor opening times, however, Wednesday evening is probably best followed by Sunday morning.

Q. How much does it cost to shoot as a visitor?

£3 per person per session.

Q. How many times can I shoot as a visitor?

You can shoot 5 times as a visitor, we will then ask you to decide whether or not you want to join.

Q. Do I need to own an air rifle before visiting?

No. We have club guns available on a first come first serve basis. In fact, if you are new to the support we would encourage you to visit the club, talk to members about the type of shooting you are interested in and benefit from the wealth of knowledge here - it may prevent you making an expensive mistake if you buy the wrong type of gun.

Q. Can I buy pellets at BFTO?

Yes. We usually stock .177 and .22 pellets. We also sell shooting seats, pellet pouches, fleeces etc with the BFTO logo. Ask for details.

Q. Can we visit in a group?

Yes. However, if you plan to visit in a group of four or more please contact the secretary first.

Q. Are the BFTO ranges indoors?

No. However, all of the main plinking/zeroing ranges have covered firing points.

Q. Will it matter if I don't want to shoot competitively?

No. We welcome all safe shooters whether they are serious competitors or just zero range plinkers. Novices are also just as welcome as experienced shooters.

Q. Does the BFTO accept junior members?

Yes. We accept junior members of all ages but they must be supervised by an adult family member or guardian. However, under eights are not allowed on the woodland competition range, (a condition of our lease).

Q. I have a FAC rated air rifle "on ticket" can I shoot it at BFTO?

No. None of the BFTO ranges or woods are approved for FAC use.

Q. Do you have a pistol section?

Yes. The most popular time with our pistol shooters is Sunday mornings. See the Club Disciplines page to see what types of pistol shooting our members take part in.

Q. I have Section 5 Brocock pistol, can I shoot this at BFTO?

Yes, provided it is held legally "on ticket" and as with any pistol shot on BFTO Ranges, the power MUST NOT EXCEED 6ft/lbs.

Q. Can I check the power of my airgun at the club?

Yes. The club has a chronoscope, ask any committee member and they will make it available.

Q. How do I join and how much does it cost?

The first thing to do is come and see us. If you decide you like us and you would like to apply for membership you will need to get an application form from the Membership Secretary or any committee member. We will contact you and invite you to join. At that time we will tell you what the current fees are. If you still want to join and when we receive the appropriate fee, you will become a Probationary Member. The Probationary system will be explained to you at that time.

If you have any other queries please use the contacts page.

Getting help and advice

Our membership includes many shooters who have decades of experience in all disciplines, we also have people who can provide gunsmith and custom work. The monthly competitions (especially HFT) are very well attended and offer a great opportunity to learn and gain experience.

Most of all we focus on safety and having fun !