Bisley Field Target Organisation


Through our passion and experience of shooting in most air gun disciplines, we are able to provide a level of knowledge and understanding of the demands of not only the individual but also the equipment needed in each market sector.

Through this experience, we have tailored our stock to suit each type of shooting discipline, from hardware right down to the type of pellets we stock. Our strategy on which products to stock is “if we wouldn’t use it, we won’t stock it”. This allows us to hold stock that really is fit for purpose.

Unique to Bicester Target and unlike any other air gun outlet, every rifle and pistol in our shop is available to test and try out, making sure that the rifle or pistol you choose is the correct one for you not only in terms of fit, but also is correct for the discipline of shooting you choose to undertake.

Both Chris Moore and Clive Graham are active HFT shooters and are active team members for North Oxon Winter League teams.

At Last a gun shop run by guys who shoot FT/HFT and 10M Pistol!


Call them on 01869 45 71 70


Google Maps link to Bicester Target location in Bicester, Oxon