The key features of the BRC25 and 50 Yard competitions are as follows:

25 Yard BRC

The BRC competition is internal to the BFTO.

The BRC25 competition uses scorecards put out at 25 yards.

There are two different categories in each competition – Pre-charged and Spring-gun.

Target cards are issued to each shooter entered in the competition individually.

Each card has 50 (for PCP) or 25 (For Springer)  targets on it – one shot is taken at each target disk.

The whole card must be shot within half an hour.

Only one card can be shot each month for the duration of the competition.

Cards are scored out of 5000.

The best ten scores for each shooter are taken and used as the final standings at the end of the year.


The 50 Yard BRC competition

This is shot on a single target - five shots are taken
The score is based on group size achieved.


A typical 25BRC target


The BFTO 25 Yard "Tunnel"